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Part 1 of our Plastic Free July interviews on Overton TV.

Can you take the Plastic Free July Challenge?

Over the next 5 days, Overton TV is interviewing Alison Zarecky from Sustainable Overton and some members of the team are sharing their ideas on easy swaps we can make to reduce our single plastic use. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us on Facebook - we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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08 juil. 2020

I am not an Overton resident but loved the TV reports and will pass them on. You are doing incredibly well to get the whole village on board. I have managed to reduce my household waste to 2 bags per fortnight, weighing approx. 4 kilos (for 2 people) and my small recycling bin is normally half full. My household rubbish is almost entirely packaging and I am working on how to reduce it further. Will be happy to pass on tips if I am successful.

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