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Community Kitchen Garden

Our Community Kitchen Garden is a space for cultivating crops locally for our community, with a focus on sustainability and maintaining biodiversity. CKG is a volunteer-led group, perfect for any age and all those looking to exercise their green fingers, learn more about gardening, or get involved in a community project. 

This project has been developing since November 2022, and the site can be found on Winchester Street, behind the Redfort Tandoori. The foundation of CKG is a vision where fresh produce is cultivated in exchange for volunteers' time or donations from those who are able, with any extra crops given out to the community in other ways.

There are so many benefits to getting involved in CKG – it allows the community to gain first-hand knowledge of where food comes from, how it grows and the importance of soil and biodiversity. For those who are able to get involved in the gardening and cultivation process, there are physical and mental health benefits from spending time outside, socialising with the local community and the sense of purpose, community and belonging that the project provides.

Kitchen Garden is run entirely by volunteers and the goal is to use a no-dig, sustainable system to benefit the environment, nature and wildlife. This project aims to be a part of the solution to reducing the carbon footprint associated with everyday staple greens. CKG aim to keep all waste on site and encourage users to provide their own bags or baskets for collection. 

The Community Kitchen Garden's values are: 

  • Fresh produce

  • Sustainability

  • Community

  • Education

"It’s given me a great sense of pride to be involved in CKG and I am excited about its prospects for both the present day people of Overton and indeed for future generations." - CKG volunteer

Before: the site was rather unkempt and overridden with weeds and brambles, but had lots of potential...


After: the weeds have been cleared ready for planting, a paved area has been added as well as a shed useful for storage - what a transformation!


Kitchen Garden volunteers are hoping for a plentiful harvest in 2024 after so much hard work clearing and preparing the CKG site for crops. Check out these gorgeous tomatoes the team grew in 2023 - a sign of their talents and some fantastic cultivation of produce ahead. 



To find out more about what the Community Kitchen Garden are getting up to, check out their Facebook page here. If you'd like to get involved, send the team a message on Facebook or email them at


Check out these interesting facts:

  • Around 170,000 tonnes of salad and vegetables are wasted in the UK each year, mainly because of overbuying, spoilage, and the quality standards set by retailers. 

  • Around 36% of people in the UK cultivate their own herbs, fruit or vegetables. 

  • A Mind report stated that time spent in green spaces led to improved mental health. 

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