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In the UK, transport accounts for 33%
of climate-polluting emissions.

What IS a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) released by your activities in a given time frame.

So, when you drive a car, your engine burns fuel which creates CO2. When you heat your home with oil, gas or coal, you generate CO2. When you buy food and goods, their production also emits CO2. The further your food has travelled, and the further you travel to buy your food, the greater the carbon footprint.

If you want to calculate your personal carbon footprint, the WWF have this easy calculator tool:

   Make your



  • Take public transport

  • Ride a bike, walk or Car-share

  • Switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle

  • Fly less – and if you do fly, make sure you offset your emissions

Whenever you can:

Thinking about getting an electric car?

What are the different types?


Battery Electric Vehicle

A car that runs purely on electric power, stored in an on-board battery that is charged from mains electricity (typically at a dedicated charge point).


Hybrid Electric Vehicle

A car that has both a battery and a diesel or petrol engine

Did you know that you can

get a government grant of £3k

for any electric car less than £50k?


It's called a PiCG which just means

Plug-in Car Grant and you can get one if you go for a 100% electric car called BEV's for short.


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Need to plug in to charge the battery


Zero Emissions Vehicle

This is any vehicle that emits no harmful pollutants at all from it's exhaust pipe

Engines off so we don't cough.

Idling our cars is a significant cause of air pollution - outside our children's schools or waiting at the train station as some examples.

Here's some great tips on how we can keep using our cars but make the air safer:

Click Here to read

...but what about Car Charging Points?

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Where's my nearest point?

To find your nearest charging point CLICK HERE.

Everyday more and more charging points are being installed over the country.  We are working on getting some fitted soon here in Overton.

Current nearest to Overton:

  • Bell Yard, Whitchurch

  • Oakley Hall, Oakley

What about getting my own charging point?

Yes, help is at hand again.  If you've got, hire or use an electric vehicle there are even grant schemes to help you offset some of the upfront cost of the purchase & installation of your own dedicated domestic recharging unit.


The government is currently offering an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or if you like an acronmyn, an EVHS.  You can get up to 75% (they cap it at £350) off the total capital costs of the charge point and associated installation costs.  Not bad, hey.  And if you have a business you can apply for a grant to have a designated Workplace Charging point too.

It's all part of Go Ultra Low, a joint government and industry campaign supported by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, vehicle manufacturers, energy providers and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

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