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More composting (we love it!)

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

By Sue Stedham

I haven’t grown any vegetables since we moved here nearly 5 years ago. Due to social distancing, my husband has built 2 raised veg beds, and I have sown carrot and rocket seeds, both of which are five years old - they are now amazingly small plants, so fingers crossed. I have also sown chard, salad onion, mangetout, leek and spinach seeds, and the spinach and mangetout are doing well. I have to keep the pigeons and cats out, so I'm using old netting supported on canes from plants, and used my husband’s old tennis balls on top of the canes to support the netting.

In my small green house, I have french beans that are coming up and have sown runner beans, cucumber and courgette seeds. The courgette plants will be planted on top of two of our compost heaps, the cucumbers can be grown in old pots and the runner beans will grown on wigwams around the garden. I've also got some salad leaves and Pak Choi and basil growing and hopefully some coriander and sage. It’s so exciting going outside everyday to see what’s happening with the seeds! We have three old compost bins and try to compost as much of the garden wasteand peelings, coffee dregs and tea leaves etc. The compost is amazing and we have had loads to spread around the garden this year, along with leaf mould from all the leaves we get from the beech, tulip, walnut, and birch trees we have in the garden. It must have saved us masses of money!



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