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Planting at the Crossroads

After years of overgrowth and neglect, it was time to rejuvenate the Overton Crossroads flower beds. In the Autumn of 2022, a team of Sustainable Overton volunteers, led by Claire Mitchell, the Garden Editor, got to work planting native species to encourage biodiversity. Now the beds are flourishing, provide habitats for important insects and attract pollinators. 

  • Hellebores

  • Species tulips

  • Pulmonaria

  • Lamium maculatum

  • Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle)

  • Fern species

There are lots of species of plant growing at the Crossroads, including:


Before: the Crossroads flower beds were rather neglected, and had become overgrown


After: native plants are flourishing, contributing to biodiversity and providing habitats for different creatures

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