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We will be running our next repair café on

Saturday 2nd March 2024 at the Community Centre, Overton from 10am to 12 midday. Last repair booked at 11:45am. Please note that bike repairs for this date are by appointment only - contact to book.

Did you know:

we are offering bicycle safety checks particularly for children’s bikes.


This is a monthly event in the centre of the village. People can bring broken items - electrical appliances, bikes, china, toys, jewellery, furniture – and an expert volunteer will do their very best to fix it.


Instead of throwing away that old lamp, rickety-legged stool, cardigan with a broken zip, or necklace with a dodgy clasp, one of our volunteers will have a go at mending it while you have a chat, a coffee, or do some shopping in the village.

Want us to fix something?  Fill out this form here

Want to help?

We already have a few volunteers, but would love more, so if you have any repair skills (electrical, computers, woodworking, jewellery, stitching, knitting, bike repairs), can bring your own tools and are able to give a couple of hours of your time every month or so we would love to hear from you. 


And also, if you've got any tools or fixings you can donate - screws, tape, glue, screwdrivers etc - please let us know. Contact the Repair Cafe here


When are the next Repair Cafés dates for 2024?

  1. Saturday 3rd February 2024

  2. Saturday 2nd March 2024

  3. Saturday 6th April 2024

  4. Saturday 4th May 2024

  5. Saturday 1st June 2024

  6. Saturday 6th July 2024

  7. Saturday 3rd August 2024

  8. Saturday 7th September 2024

  9. Saturday 5th October 2024

  10. Saturday 2nd November 2024

  11. Saturday 7th December 2024



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