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Recycling at St. Mary's Church

You can recycle again in the village.

From 1st April, we are pleased to be able to open new recycling facilities at St Mary’s, Overton round to the left of the Church entrance.  And we are finally in the process of setting up the new Plastic For Charity Recycling.

Thanks B&Q in Basingstoke for gifting us a recycling shed, for which we are very grateful

Whilst we aren't completely the same as BEAD was, we can still accept specific Terracycle items within certain Terracycle schemes, such as beauty packaging, biscuit and sweet wrappers, pens, dental products and bread bags.  We will distribute our collected items to join other local Terracycle collections, and these are items for which there are defined national and transparent recycling schemes in place, raising money for charity.  We will also be able to collect mobile phones, inkjet cartridges, postage stamps, corks, bras, and milk bottle tops.


We're totally volunteer-run, so please be careful what you deposit with us, as we are delighted to collect your items which can be recycled but haven’t got the resources to sort and process other items.  If too many of the wrong items are deposited for recycling (‘wishcycling’), we may be forced to close the scheme all together.  Remember that other soft plastics can be taken to the soft plastic recycling bin at the Co-op, and hard plastics (tubs and pots) can be taken to Sainsbury’s at Hatch Warren in Basingstoke if you’re going that way anyway.  Similarly Tetrapaks are still collected at Tesco Extra in Andover.


Please do keep an eye on the St Mary’s Overton - Plastic For Charity Recycling Facebook group and the recycling guide, as Terracycle schemes do sometimes close down and therefore what we be able to collect is likely to change from time to time.  


Whilst we want to say thank you for your recycling efforts, we are aware that our ultimate responsibility is to try and help people move towards reducing their plastics rather than recycling.  With this in mind, we will continue to provide information and encouragement for people seeking plastic-free alternatives via the Plastic Free Overton Facebook and Instagram pages or you can speak to volunteers at the Saturday markets or get in touch by email at


We are so lucky we have facilities in the village to buy local and with reduced packaging.

·    Turners for meat

·    Wilsons for fruit and veg

·    The Bakery for bread & cakes

·    The fish man on a Thursday

·    Pueblo Pantry refill store at Café Pueblo.

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