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Love Food, Hate Waste

We all know wasting food is a bad idea. It's really bad for the environment - think of all the energy, water and packaging that is used in its production, transportation and storage. And it's like throwing money away.


An average family throws away up to £600 worth of food into their grey bin every year.

Together we can help save money and the planet by:

  • Planning meals carefully

  • Writing a list before shopping for food

  • Buying just what we need

  • Freezing food to increase its longevity

  • Storing food correctly in the fridge and freezer

  • Ensuring the fridge/freezer are at the correct temperature

  • Cooking the right amount for the number of people - portion control

  • Checking ‘Sell By’ and ‘Best Before Dates’

  • Using leftover recipes

  • Asking for a doggy bag at restaurants for leftovers

  • Not ordering more than we can manage when eating out


We recommend this website for lots of helpful tips:

The most commonly wasted food is bread, bananas and milk. 

For some tips on making them last longer, see our Blog.

Here's a great link to the A-Z of food tips from Love Food, Hate Waste that's really useful.

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