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Let’s make Mother’s Day sustainable!

Mother’s Day is a yearly opportunity to really show our mums that we love and appreciate them. Lots of us will be buying cards and presents, planning meals, or booking restaurants to make a fuss of our mothers on Sunday, and it’s a brilliant chance to spend quality time with family.

Over the last few weeks, shops have been filling with Mother’s Day gifts and trinkets, but it’s important to think about sustainability where possible, so that we can show our appreciation for our mums and the planet. Lots of the items coming into stores are gimmicky or single-use, so have a think about what your mum might really appreciate. We’ve included some helpful tips below so you can get organised ahead of this weekend:

1. Shop locally: Overton is blessed with a vibrant array of small businesses - why not have a browse to see what you can find? This would help to keep our colourful high street alive and will give your money to small or independent shops instead of large retailers, who often have a more harmful environmental impact.

2. Go for plants, bulbs, and sustainable florists: Flowers are a really popular Mother’s Day present idea, but consider going for plants and bulbs instead for a gift with a longer life - this would be especially lovely for any green-fingered mothers! There are also sustainable florists available for sustainably-sourced blooms, so do your research if your mum is a real flower fan.

3. Consider an experience: Instead of buying into stores’ marketing campaigns and consider an experience. You can really tailor this to your mum’s tastes - a spa day, gardening or cooking class, sports event, or afternoon tea - there are loads of options, although they can be expensive, so make sure to shop around.

4. Look for sustainable or organic options: Clean living is (thankfully!) becoming more and more popular, especially within beauty and skincare, as well as food and drink. If your mum loves to indulge in a beauty treat or favourite food, have a look at organic, sustainable, and Fair Trade options available. There are some brilliant brands out there and we are sure your mum will love what you pick.

5. Cook up a storm: Mother’s Day isn’t about lavish gifts - it’s all about showing appreciation, and sharing quality time with your mum, and what better way to show your love than cooking up a storm in the kitchen? You could bake their favourite treat, cook a special breakfast, or unleash your inner mixologist and serve up a beloved cocktail or mocktail. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so this is a great way to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day.

6. Get crafty: If you’re a creative soul, get out your paints, pencils, or whatever crafting supply you need to create a truly unique present. This could be a beautifully illustrated card, a scrapbook, or a new textile for your mum to enjoy - we are sure they’ll feel the love when they see how much effort you’ve put into their present.

7. Concentrate on quality time: As mentioned, we don’t think Mother’s Day is meant to be about expensive gifts, and often time spent with a loved one is a present enough. Think about getting involved in your mum’s favourite activity, playing a game, going for a walk (if you are able), or just having a nice chat over a cup of tea. Your actions are more important than any gift, after all.

We hope you found these tips useful and that, for all those celebrating a mother this Sunday, you have a lovely day. Do you have any sustainable gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Let us know below!


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