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Trees in your windows

We've loved the rainbows in the windows of Overton - your next challenge is to draw a tree!

Trees are a symbol of strength and power, connectedness, new life, family and peace - and also a key part of sustainable living. In these strange times we can take solace in trees, and we want to fill our village with these images of hope for a better way of living after the crisis is over.

You can draw your own, or use our templates to colour in if you prefer:

You can download our tree poster template 1 here

You can download our tree poster template 2 here

If you would like to, you can write on the tree the changes you have made - or plan to make - to be more sustainable. Maybe you're changing energy supplier, shopping more locally, reducing food waste or buying less. Some of these changes have been forced upon us by the current situation, but you might want to continue them once life returns to normal.

Display your tree in your windows to bring a smile to the faces of your neighbours, and we'd love to see them too! You can share pictures on our facebook group here

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