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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Have you ever wondered just how much cold is creeping into your house and how much heat is escaping?  Well now you can borrow one of our Thermal Imaging Cameras and see what you thought you knew - but also what you didn't. Just a little curious? Then read on.

What is a Thermal Imaging Camera?

A Thermal Imaging Camera is simply a camera that shows you infrared radiation.  They look big and bulky because they are mainly built for fire-fighters to use in extreme heat to see fire though smoke.  They can also pick up people and animals in the darkness.

The top video shows you the one we use and how easy it is to set up.  Below there's also an option for using a small plug in attachment so you can turn your iPhone into one too.

Why should I be interested in this?

Well, way back in 2010, our carbon footprint in the UK was about 14 tonnes per person per year - that's about the EU average but we all have to get to about 2 tonnes per person by 2050 to reach a sustainable level.  So by making our homes better insulated this will help us not only reach this goal but stay warmer and keep down those utility bills.

So, what do I need to look out for?

Inside our homes

  • walls and windows should show up warm.

  • if the camera shows cold spots then we've got a leak.

Picture 1.png

Outside our homes

  • Our homes should look cold like our surroundings.

  • Any hot spots means we're leaking heat.

Picture 2.png

If you'd like to borrow one of our cameras then please just send us a message​ by clicking on the button below and we will contact you back and find a suitable time.

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