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Pebble Beach

The Plastic Free Pledge

Surfer's Against Sewage have created the Plastic Free Community network to free where we live from single-use plastic. Together we can stop avoidable, throwaway plastic from polluting beaches, rivers, and green spaces and work with the brands and businesses who create it. Plastic Free Overton is a campaign dedicated to fight against single-use plastics. It’s not about removing all plastic from our lives. It’s about kicking our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, and changing the system that produces it.


  1. Work to remove at least three single-use plastic items from our day to day activities.

  2. Raise awareness and support plastic free initiatives in the community

Take the Pledge Here...

Thank you for pledging and becoming part of Overton's Plastic Free Community.

If you want to know more about individual actions you can take

Click Here

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