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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

There are six Sustainable Overton groups, and we each meet monthly at each other’s houses (oh happy days!) or, nowadays, online. Along with the rest of the country, the SO Communications Team’s main job right now is cancelling. Cancelling the litter pick, the repair café, the stall at the Sheepfair. It doesn’t matter – nothing matters compared to people’s lives – but it still carries a sting.

Our zoom-y gathering reminded me of last month’s Steering Committee Meeting, which was a stark and beautiful contrast. It was held in the Overton Community Centre - how precious the words ‘community centre’ seem right now! - and a representative from each of the six groups reported on progress. Lots of other people came along to listen in, the room was packed. I ate all the flapjacks while taking masses of notes as thorny issues of energy supply, engagement, plastic waste and budgets were discussed. I thought I was going to write this blog article that week, but a few days later The Trouble started and everything else got submerged. Now that we’re in isolation I’m trying to remember that feeling of community from the Steering Group meeting. I’m trying to bottle it and remember what makes a community really sustainable: resilience, kindness, people who care.

In a group like this, everyone has ideas, the issue is doing it, and sometimes there is so much to do it’s tempting not to start. But we have started, and the work is underway. Meetings are being held, emails sent, phone calls made, plans drawn up. The Steering Group meeting was full of spreadsheets, mugs of tea, diaries, a lot of generosity, and a vital sense of community. Someone worries about having time to do a task, and someone else steps in. ‘It’s ok, you can only do what you can do’. It’s a room full of People Who Care. And some seriously good flapjacks.

By Beth Flintoff from the Comms Team


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