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They wanted to create a shop where you can find something a little different and unexpected. A range of high-quality design and handcrafted products sourced from across the globe and independent designers. They also showcase collections from small creative businesses alongside ethical artisan enterprises. And discover our Fair Trade ranges too. 


  • No plastic bags (only paper bags available) plus no plastic packaging.

  • Sharon has stopped using some suppliers because they used too much plastic when sending stock (she has spoken too many to raise the issue with them too). 

  • There is a refill bar (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, washing up liquid etc) where people can refill their own containers · Original packing materials are reused

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Hampshire Relationship Counselling

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Marriage and couple counselling, relationship therapy and psychosexual support to couples and individuals. El works in Overton & Kingsclere, North Hampshire, and offer online counselling sessions across the UK.


  • Changing to plastic-free tea bags

  • Using plastic free loo roll and refillable hand soap in the bathroom.

  • Changing to refillable cleaning products

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Laverstoke and Freefolk Parish Council

Laverstoke and Freefolk Council.jpg

Laverstoke and Freefolk is one of 51 parishes that make up the borough of Basingstoke and Deane in the county of Hampshire


  • Cleaning solutions that re-use spray bottles

  • Buying loo rolls without plastic covering or bulk buying recycled loo rolls

  • Changing hiring Ts and Cs to say no single-use plastics to be used in the hall

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The Little Yoga Company

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Fun, dynamic and colourful yoga classes and parties in Hampshire for families, toddlers and children aged 2 to 12 years.


  • Refill and reuse all cleaning bottles 

  • Refill and reuse hand sanitiser bottles

  • Refill and reuse mat cleaner (eco-friendly product)

  • All packaging of any products ordered will be reused or recycled, and where possible will be from companies with a bit of an eco-conscience.

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Overton Guides

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What you do in Guides is up to you, from taking part in lots of exciting activities at regular meetings to special events and trips away. You’ll never be stuck for something to do, whether you want to explore the outdoors, focus on hobbies, or challenge yourself with something new, you’ll find something to Guides that suits you.

For girls aged 10 to 14- Guides challenge themselves and make a difference in their community. Overton Guides meet weekly. 


  • We’ve held a challenge for the Guides to create something new from “rubbish”.

  • We’re making sure we are replacing plastic with other materials for craft activities where possible. 

  • We’re planning a litter pick around the grounds of our meeting place when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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St Luke's Hall, Overton

St Lukes Hall.png

St Luke’s Hall is a community hall available for hire for parties and functions. It is situated halfway along Winchester Street on the east side of the road and has a small car park, kitchen and an outside space at the rear.


  • providing reusable cutlery, crockery for hirers to use. 

  • Request hirers to avoid single use plastic where possible. 

  • Advertise and support Plastic Free Overton. 

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Suzanne Smith Childminders

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A friendly childminding service focusing on providing children with a fun, education and in a homely setting. 


  • Sue will be removing all single use aprons and replacing these with recycled or washable ones

  • She will stop buying individual plastic yoghurts and replace these with glass refillable pots

  • She will stop using disposable straws and replace these with metal straws

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Wilson & Sons Greengrocers

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Wilson & Sons is a family run Greengrocers based in Overton, Hampshire


  • All plastic packaging they do have to have is returned to supplier for recycling (and card and wood) 

  • Wherever possible, preference is given to produce not in plastic, even at a premium - most products are loose and naked 

  • Paper bags in the shop / veg boxes for loose produce 

  • refillable olive oil in glass bottles 

  • loose dried mushrooms available (weighed into paper bags) 

  • For take away soup and potatoes, customers are encouraged to bring their own containers. If they don't, the potatoes go in recycled card boxes which are compostable at home. with wooden forks 

  • Plastic bags are available, but not offered, which cuts down use 

  • Sell ketchup and other sauces etc in glass only 

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Café Pueblo

The Spanish word PUEBLO means both village and community, and as a village cafe, community is what it's all about for us. We hope that our homemade, Latin twist food and super-ethical coffee can provide a perfect backdrop for time spent together!


  • All takeaway orders in paper bags 

  • Wooden cutlery for take away 

  • Sauces in refillable glass rather than sachets 

  • Cold drinks in cans and glass rather than a plastic bottles e.g.water in a can 

  • Cup carriers are cardboard

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James Bretel Architecture

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They are a collaborative practice with a particular focus on sustainable residential design. Led by James Bretel, a qualified architect who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. Their role is to work with you to realise your dream scheme.


  • Cleaning and bathroom bottles, plastic bags, food packaging and shopping local, fabric face coverings

  • Bulk buying handwash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner in 5Lt containers where possible.

  • Re-usable shopping bags, tote style shopping and bags for life from supermarkets.

  • Reduction in unnecessary food packaging; shop local for bread, meat, fruit & veg which both supports the local businesses, reduces carbon footprint and reduces plastic waste in supermarket packaged goods.

  • Use fabric face coverings rather than disposable ones.

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LifeSpring Community Church


A warm and welcoming church that meets in Overton. People come from far and wide - anywhere from Basingstoke to Andover and all points in between like Whitchurch, Oakley and Overton. 


  • Washable mugs, saucers, cups etc for all refreshments

  • No single use plastic drinks at Saturday club

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Lockdown Larder

Lockdown Larder.png

The Lockdown Larder launched on 5th May 2020 to help local residents affected by Covid by providing free groceries - non-chilled but including plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Residents could make a 15-minute appointment for their own household to come along each Monday and collect provisions.  


  • We are recycling all our cardboard, banning single use plastic bags for both our shopping and delivering.

  • We have brought our fruit and vegetables from Wilson's Greengrocers as they are not plastic wrapped.

  • We have used recyclable paper bags to deliver items and been advertising Overton's new nappy library.

  • We have also been reusing hundreds of pre-used plastic carrier bags donated by villagers.

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Overton Scouts

Overton Scouts.png

Scouting is the UK’s biggest mixed youth organisation, offering 6 to 25-year-olds fun and challenging activities, unique experiences, everyday adventure, and the chance to help others. Scouts develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment. 


  • To remove/minimize the use of plastic cups, plates and cutlery when possible

  • Switch the use of plastic bags for our supplies and switch to cardboard boxes instead. 

  • They will hold a plastic awareness meeting at least once per school year with the agenda of the use of single plastic in our daily lives and how to minimize the impact of plastic on the environment. 

  • The Cub Scout group is already complying with a low single plastic use which they plan to reduce even further when possible in the coming years.

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St Mary's Hall, Overton

Sy Marys Hall.png

St Mary’s Hall was built in 1914,originally owned and maintained by St Mary’s Church and over the years has been used for many things including a library and baby clinic as well as for dances and a meeting place for clubs and societies. It is on situated on Overton high streets


  • Providing reusable cutlery, crockery for hirers to use. 

  • Request all hirers to avoid single use plastic where possible. 

  • Advertise and support Plastic Free Overton. 

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Watership Down Nursery

Watership Down Nursery.jpg

The Watership Down Nursery offers full, part and flexible care to children in Overton, Whitchurch, Freefolk areas. They provide a fun, caring and homely environment enabling children to flourish and learn through exploration and play. 


  • Yoghurt and jelly pots will be used and reused for craft and paint pots.

  • Use dispensing cleaning products that can be refilled.

  • Ask our families to send in empties soap dispensers that can be refilled.

  • Reuse milk bottles and turn them into plant pots, watering cans and bird feeders.

  • Use the lids for counting sorting and craft.

  • Encourage and support the use of reusable nappies

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Cookery Doodle Do North Hants

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Cooking with kids can be so rewarding, but wouldn’t it be nice if it felt a bit more like quality time and a bit less like a battle, if they were learning new baking skills and you did not have to worry about the mess?

Cookery Doodle Doo offer weekly preschool children's cooking classes in Laverstoke. 


  • Katie asks customers to bring containers to take their bakes home. Provide paper bags if they forget. Katie used to routinely hand out plastic food bags.

  • Katie has purchased numerous reusable containers for all the food prep done in advance for offsite classes (childminder settings etc) instead of using plastic bags. 

  • Katie has purchased silicone food lids and baking mats to significantly reduce use of clingfilm and baking paper.

  • Katie also hires out her equipment when not in use and for every hire a donation of £5 goes to Naomi House and Jacksplace childrens hospices.

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Jo South Artworks

Jo South Artworks.jpg

Jo is an artist who loves to paint scenes with a sense of nostalgia about them - with pictures that tell a story, encapsulate happy times and memories. Many of her pictures are of Overton and around, though Jo also takes commissions.


  • I recycle packaging, use paper and not bubble wrap in packaging where appropriate. I post prints in cardboard tubes or flat pack.   The tubes are returned to me by local buyers directly or via Overton Gallery for reuse.   It’s a really good system!

  • I use paper bags not carrier bags for customers

  • I am using washi tape where I can now too!

  • Most product packaging is paper or tied with string.  Tea towels have a paper collar. Cards are tied with string, Coasters have no packaging

  • I strive to recycle, share and reuse as much as possible with other local companies, to support everyone to reduce their plastic and packaging use.

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Little Steps Montessori Nursery School

Little Steps.jpg

Little Steps is an Ofsted outstanding rated Nursery who care for children from all backgrounds and abilities. Using the Montessori method of teaching they encourage children to develop at their own pace and to gain skills such as independence, concentration and problem solving which are essential life skills that will help them continue making good progress through the rest of their education.


  • Changed from plastic to glass milk bottles.

  • All our cleaning product are bought in bulk containers and decanted into

  • smaller refillable bottles.

  • We have asked our parents to use re-useable packaging in the lunch boxes, thus reducing the amount of single use plastic

  • We are increasing recycling massively and including yoghurt pots and crisp packets.

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Overton Biodiversity Society

Overton Biodiversity.png

The Society was created in 2004 with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues in the parish, carrying out surveys and practical conservation work and creating a biodiversity action plan for the parish". O.B.S. is a member of "Natural Basingstoke


  • To eliminate single use plastic from all our activities. 

  • To ensure that all plastic products are re-used or recycled.

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Renasci Design

Renasci Designs.jpg

A shop with a fusion of painted furniture and handmade & crafted items.

Official Stockist of Frenchic® Furniture Paint


  • Uses paper bags 

  • Uses second hand bubble wrap / packaging for postal orders 

  • Looks for suppliers who don't use plastic wrapping, e.g. greetings cards 

  • Encourages suppliers who do use single use plastic in their products to change Upcycles furniture, saving it from landfill, and also sells products and holds workshops to encourage others to do the same.

  • Naked cards. 

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Sustainable Overton

SO Photo.png

A team of volunteers living in the beautiful Hampshire village of Overton, working together to combat climate change. The goal is to become a carbon neutral

community by 2030


  • To support every aspect of Plastic Free Overton with action and publicity. 

  • Meetings to be plastic free for catering - reusable cups only. 

  • Events to be plastic free - catering and all aspects

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Turner's Butchers

Turners Butchers.png

Turners butchers is a family-run butchers shop in the village of Overton just 5 miles outside of Basingstoke in Hampshire. Owners Kevin and Esme Smith specialise in providing quality meat, sourced locally and fully prepared to your requirements


  • No plastic bags (only paper bags are available). 

  • Switched to sugar beet trays instead of polystyrene.

  • Kevin will put food into containers that people bring in and wash at home.

  • Egg boxes are reused, and people are encouraged to return their egg boxes

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