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Our Surveys


We are reacting every week to what people tell us.


So the more help we get from everyone in Overton and the surrounding area, the more we can listen and take action to make our village more sustainable in the global fight to combat climate change.   And let's face it, who doesn't love to fill out a quick survey with a lovely cup of coffee or tea?

Our Energy Survey

Can you help us apply for a Government grant to investigate community energy for Overton? We need as many people as possible in the village to fill in this survey and tell us what you think about this idea. We're not sure what this might look like yet, but it could be solar panels (SolarPV) on community or industrial/agricultural buildings, ground heat pumps, or other green initiatives.

Our Business Survey

This is the one to do if you are a business owner in the Overton area.  Don't worry - it's also quick and will only take 5 minutes to help us understand what you think about making your business more sustainable, and what we could do to help you. We are passionate about helping all Overton businesses not just survive but thrive.


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