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Nappy Library

Yes, we're serious.  It's a thing.  Curious? Read on...

Did you know an average baby can go through about 6,000 disposable nappies, that's about 750kg of waste per family every year.  Around one million nappies are thrown away every week in Hampshire alone.  Reusable nappies help the environment and they can help the family bank balance too. You can save between £200 and £500 a year by using reusable nappies.


So we're all passionate about cloth nappies.  And we totally understand the world of reusable nappies can be daunting and overwhelming when starting out.  So to save you time, money and stress, we're here to help.

Sustainable Overton volunteer Laura tried reusable nappies with her children. To read about her experience on our blog, please click here.


Overton Nappy Library is a non-profit service, entirely run by volunteers at Sustainable Overton, which aims to increase awareness and provide information on reusable nappies.

A grant from Hampshire County Council has enabled us to buy several different kits to hire out, and supports us with running costs.


We are dedicated to helping you choose the right kinds of cloth nappies for your babies. Our kits contain everything you'll need to explore and determine what suits your family.


You can collect kits at our monthly drop-ins (see booking page for details) You'll also have the opportunity to talk with other parents and carers who use cloth, and we will be on hand to provide friendly advice about reusable nappies.


If the drop-in date and time don't work for you we may be able to arrange a one to one consultation at one of our homes. 

Our Kits


Newborn kits

All you need to use reusable nappies from birth - nappies, liners, wraps, wet bag for out and about, wet bag or bucket for storing nappies awaiting washing without smells and a mesh bag for minimal handling wen you wash. Available to hire for 2 months (or longer if you need it) for £20. We have 3 different sets, all suitable for babies from 6lb.

2021-04-10 09.37.18.jpg

Birth to Potty nappy trial kits

A set of all types of nappies to try before you buy. Birth to Potty nappies tend to fit babies from 2-3 months old, but there are so many types it's hard to know what will suit you and your baby. The kit contains all in ones, all in twos, pocket nappies, flat nappies, daytime and night-time nappies, and swimming nappies. The kits also include liners, wet bags, and bucket if needed, so you have all you need. Hire the lot for a month for £20.



Kits of reusable wipes with boxes for storage and wet bags for using out and about. Wipes are simple to use, really effective at cleaning bottoms, kind to skin, cheap compared to disposable wipes and can be used even if you don’t use reusable nappies - just add to any wash. Hire from £5 to see if they work for you.

To book any of the above or ask questions, just send us an email at and we can get you started.

Need Advice?

We can help you to decide what sort of nappies are right for you and help solve any problems you have.


Our volunteers can explain the kits to you, demonstrate how to fit reusable nappies, talk you through how to wash them correctly. Then our volunteers will meet with you, explain the kit, demonstrate how to fit reusable nappies, talk you through how to wash them correctly and then you take away a selection of reusable nappies to try. Our volunteers are also available to answer questions during your loan so you can have constant advice and support both during and afterwards.

If you are not based in Overton, you can find your local nappy library here

You can find out more about us:


Email us:

Want instructions on how to wash your nappies?


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