Saturday 19th September

Overton Community Centre Forecourt, Overton

10am - 1pm

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Energy Stall

Come and find out how to save money on your energy bills, switch to a green energy supplier, how our thermal imaging camera can help, and all about  our community energy plans for Overton – fill in our survey and tell us what you think.

Transport Stall

Find out about clean air campaigns, why engine idling is bad for the environment (and your pocket!), Why walking to school is green, see some electric cars, scooters and bikes, fill in our village transport questionnaire, and see information on cycle routes in the local area.

Waste & Recycling Stall

Take the Food Waste quiz and takeaway some free giveaways – first come first served.

Play the recycling game, and find out about reducing, reusing and recycling the plastics we use, and what swaps you can make.

Tell us what you think – fill in our recycling questionnaire

Environment Stall

Find out about our Trees of Overton – can you identify them?

Take part in our Tree trail competition – can you find an example of all the trees on the list?

Leaf identification quiz

Sign up to help out with some of our Free Tree planting in the Autumn – we have 2 Woodland Trust packs to plant!

Find out how to encourage Hedgehogs in the garden and look after them

See examples of Swift and House Martin boxes that you can put up at home.

Find out about our community Orchard and Apple day 

Love & Joy Stall

Lots of exciting eco products and refills to discover and of course to fill up those bottles if you bring them down.

Real Nappies

Oh yes, come and find out what Overton mums think about these!  See some samples of real nappies, non-plastic wipes, alternative make-up wipes, and other relevant products.

The Upcycle Sewing Stall

Christine’s umbrella bags, tote bags from our donated fabric, anything else people upcycle or make



Outside St Mary's Church, Overton


We hope to introduce our new recycling point in Overton. Come and find out how we can now recycle much of those plastics that can't be collected in the green bin by using BEAD recycling.


Bridge Street Recreation Centre Car Park, Overton


Because of COVID-19, we ask that If you want to get a place on any of our workshops then please email Laura at

Have a look at some electric cars, talk to the owners and try out an electric scooter or bike.


St Mary's Hall, Overton


Join Suzie from iBloom to make an eco-friendly kite using recycled plastic bags. Please bring an old supermarket carrier bag if you have one.

Suggested donation of £1 to go tot he Conservation Trust - pay on the door


St Mary's Hall, Overton


Find out how to make your very own reusable wraps for all those dishes that need covering up without using cling film and foil.


St Mary's Hall, Overton


Make your own sculpture from waste plastic: competition for primary school age children, secondary school, and adults. A prize to the best one in each category. Closing date:26th September 2020. Bring your sculptures to the Waste & Recycling Stall at the Community centre.

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