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Crisp Packets

Last year 50kg of crisp packets were sent, which is around 25000 packets – and raised £100 for our nominated charity Overton Preschool Playgroup.

In Overton we have two public drop off points for the Walkers Crisp packet recycling scheme, run by Terracycle – at the Community Centre and at Overton C of E Primary School.

Once crisp packets are collected, packed and sent to TerraCycle®, they are sorted and separated by material composition. The separated items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products.


For more info visit:


If you would like to help collecting or packing please get in touch – many hands make light work!

Waste that is accepted: 

Any brand of crisp packets, big or small, including outers

Waste that is NOT accepted: 

• Popcorn bags 

• Crisp tubes 

• Pretzel bags 

• Meat snack bags 

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