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The Bead Recycling Centre

We are very sorry to say that we can no longer offer a drop off location for all the plastics previously collected here under the BEAD recycling scheme.


BEAD has suspended all collections of plastics due to a change in the market for plastics and recycling. As such we have no output for the general plastics we are collecting, which were previously collected from us by BEAD.


We will still collect the plastics specifically recycled under Terracycle schemes (e.g. crisp packets, toothbrushes, pens, etc.) and distribute these to join other local Terracycle collections, as these are items for which there are defined national and transparent recycling schemes in place to enable such recycling, raising money for charity (the crisp packets are packaged up right here in Overton and sent off to raise money for Overton Primary School and Overton Preschool Playgroup!)

For a full list of items that can be recycled under the Terracycle scheme, please refer to the teracycle part of the recycling guide below


We know this will come as a disappointment to many of you and, whilst we want to say thank you for your recycling efforts, we are aware that our ultimate responsibility is to try and help people move towards reducing their plastics rather than recycling.

With this in mind, we will continue to provide information and encouragement for people seeking plastic-free alternatives via the Plastic Free Overton Facebook and Instagram pages or you can speak to volunteers at the Saturday markets or get in touch by email at


We are so lucky we have facilities in the village to buy local and with reduced packaging.

  • Turners for meat

  • Wilsons for fruit and veg

  • The Bakery for bread & cakes

  • The fish man on a Thursday

  • Fill Them Up refill store at Café Pueblo.


Collection of plastics other than plastic bottles is a service that many local councils do provide. If you feel that our local Basingstoke and Deane Council should provide such a service, maybe you could email the Council to tell them.


For any plastics you absolutely cannot avoid, you could try and club together with friends and neighbours and make deposits at local sites where these plastics are collected, for example Sainsburys at Hatch Warren.  Try not to make a special trip as this is worse environmentally.

Carrier bags and other soft plastics can also be recycled at local supermarkets (including the Co-op at Whitchurch )


Thank you for your understanding.

Here's all the things you can recycle at St. Mary's...

You can find the bins on the left-hand side of the church and they get emptied regularly.

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